TSSB started operation in October 1999. Beginning as a trading company for slit coils, steel pipes and steel plates etc, TSSB then expanded it's operation to processing of steel mother coils into slit coils and sheets, manufacturing of steel flat bars, square bars, expanded metals, roofing sheets, cold rolled precision profiles, C&Z purlins etc.

TSSB's steel products are widely utilized and applied in various industries such as automotive, furniture, electronics and electrical, construction and engineering fabrication. Within these range of products, there are detail variations and specifications such as width, thickness, material type and hardness, which we are able to manufacture to meet our clienteles' requirement.

TSSB has steadily progressed, grew and expecting to continue expanding it's business in the near future.

Our mission is to provide excellent quality products at a competitive price. In line with this, we have adopted total quality management principles and practices. With our insistent and continuous efforts in conducting the TQC, we have gained confidence and recognition from our broad base of clientele and hence established as one of the leading quality products suppliers in this region.

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We have obtained our ISO9001/2000 certification in July 2005.

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